PRODUCT / LED Rotatable Tube / LED AC Rotatable Tube / 旋轉燈管
LED AC Rotatable Tube / 旋轉燈管



The GLT-AS02 series is the connectable AC tube with build-in driver. Based on LumiRotaTM technology it is suitable for installation in any restricted space and able to change the direction of light effortlessly. It is easy to install and maintain by MagEZTM system . The AS02 series achieve IP65 waterproof rating. The maximum available length of connections is 260 ft at 220 Vac.


          – MagEZTM System: Easy to install and maintain

          – LumiRotaTM Technology: Easy to change the direction of light output

          – Energy savings over 50% compared with fluorescent tube

          – Long life time: 40,000hrs

          – Waterproof Options: IP65

          – Connectable

          – Customized sizes available

          – Made in Taiwan



          – Architectural Lighting

          – Agricultural Lighting

          – Refrigeration Lighting

          – Advertising Lighting

          – Indoor Lighting (Office, Classroom, Hospital & Factory etc)

          – Home Lighting (Living room, Bed room & Kitchen etc)

          – Commercial Lighting (Show room, Restaurant, Supermarket etc)